Beauty is not only in appearance, it’s a feeling as well. And feeling beautiful needs not conform to any beauty standards simply because there is none. Boudoir photography is not about boasting and showcasing beautiful bodies, face, or features. It’s about feeling confident in one’s own skin and good enough just being oneself.

Almost every woman is critical of her own appearance, and for this reason seeing beautiful photos of herself creates an empowering experience of knowing that her beauty is recognized, appreciated and celebrated. We sometimes can get into the rabbit hole of comparison and a limiting mindset that hurts us emotionally, which in turns gets reflected in the way we carry ourselves. Many women are not comfortable in their skin, especially when they can’t hide behind their regular clothes. But giving them a space and time to get used to being themselves with the attention of a camera is an incredible way to break through that discomfort and turn it into a powerful feeling of being good enough.

 If a woman doesn’t think she’s beautiful, it’s only because she is stopping herself from seeing her own beautiful uniqueness. Being in front of the camera is a way for every woman to borrow a set of eyes that can show her those facets of herself that she perhaps cannot see.

When you enter your Boudoir session you may carry the common,  I am not pretty enough,  I am not skinny enough, I am not shapley enough,  I am not a model, but you will only leave with "I am Beautiful "

Leave your "not" behind you, book a session today.



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